Eliza Pepermans(BE)

Eliza Pepermans (°1988 Aalst) is an illustrator working in Ghent. Studying graphic design at Sint-Lucas Brussels, she soon figured out she wanted to draw. In a crude, colorful style, she filled a dozen scetchbooks. After graduation, Eliza did her internship at graphic studio ‘People of Print’ in London. Meanwhile she entered the “I love the atomium” competition and won. In 2012 Eliza started to freelance for advertising companies, making moodboards, logos and abstract campaign drawings, mostly for fashion labels like CKS or Brantano. The label Converse notices her illustrations and invites her to be the artist in residence.

For the last couple of years she has been making illustrations for newspapers like De Morgen, De Standaard, and NRC Handelsblad. She also started a project with her sister Astrid Pepermans (Researcher at VUB) called ‘Pass the pepper’; Astrid writes opinion pieces for newspapers, and Eliza collects them on a website each accompanied by an illustration. In 2016 she started teaching at St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp. At the moment she is focussing more on painting.

Lecture abstract

The devil is in the detail.
No matter if you work on a paid job or for your own personal practice, it is important to keep sharp and conscious. You might entertain yourself by thinking how a shoe, a fabric of a character can be transformed into something new, funny and/or spectacular. Clients might want you to be smart, creative and efficient at the same time. The cheaper, the better, you get the picture? But you can tackle this. By putting effort in the detail that seems to be accessory, you might remain strong in your artistic independence and get respect. During my talk, I will zoom in on some of those important details.