Formes Vives(FR)

Tuesday 14 November
19:15 till 20:00

Formes Vives is a french collective that currently consists of three graphic designers and artists: Nicolas Filloque, Geoffroy Pithon and Adrien Zammit. Their work centres on the search for a political way of practising graphic activities: DzHow can we create and deploy powerful and original forms for topics and organisations that foster the common good?dzWith entities such as non-profit bodies, committed public institutions, activists collectives and fellow artists, they produce graphic design, author research and art pieces that is expressive, personified and non-commercial to render fully legitimate the social alternatives now developing in resistance to the liberal society and, ultimately, to encourage each persons political imagination.

Lecture abstract

Tiny dance of lively formes around commodity ashes.
With Formes Vives and in all our other tender adventurers’ practices, we collectively construct and deform little 'circustents' into surprising 'politic oasises'. Maybe, our topic is exclusively freedom, being built day by day, with pleasure, music, colour, radicality and surprise. Rust never sleeps. We neither.