Lucienne Roberts(UK)

Tuesday 14 November
18:30 till 19:15

Lucienne is director of graphic design studio LucienneRoberts+, committed to making accessible, engaging work with a socially aware agenda, and co-founder of GraphicDesign&, dedicated to creating intelligent, vivid books and exhibitions that explore how graphic design connects with all other things and the value that it brings.
Influenced as much by feminism as Swiss typography, Lucienne’s studio projects span identity, exhibition and book design and have most recently extended into exhibition content generation for the Science Museum Group. Currently Lucienne is co-curator of Can Graphic Design Save Your Life? a major exhibition at London’s Wellcome Collection. A GraphicDesign& originated project, the show and book of the same name examine the vital role of graphic design in relation to health. The exhibition is designed by LucienneRoberts+ and Universal Design Studio. Lucienne is a member of AGI.

Lecture abstract

Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?
I lie on a hospital bed in A&E. Can Graphic Design Save My Life? I am arrested in protest. Can Graphic Design Save My Life? I sit lonely in a room. Can Graphic Design Save My Life?
Lucienne will be speaking about what she cares about most. How being a graphic designer can make a difference.