Frank&Robbert Robbert&Frank are visual artists, performers and videographers. Humor, transformation and power are key elements in their visual art practice. Contemplation on friendship, collaboration, and human interaction is a key investigation in their performative art. Operating as 'Trojan Horses’, they steal recognizable forms from our everyday life. They alter and 'hack’ to develop artworks that convey a poetic and critical message. Bubbling oil barrels, an arsenal of 400 scrap wooden guns, mutated peace pigeons, a selection of personalized WHEY products, etc. Such are the works that are part of their growing and diverse oeuvre.

Lecture abstract

Ping Pong
A shared passion for spiritual symbolism, all manner of rituals and political rhetoric form a solid basis for Robbert&Frank Frank&Robberts close bond of friendship. With their shared cultural context as a point of departure and with an arsenal of visual elements from Western pop culture, they shore up a new reality around themselves.