Simon Van Weereld(BE)

Simon Van Weereld (°1995) is a designer, illustrator and musician eagerly trying to learn and use every skill needed to realize projects, such as: organizing a concert show in the basement of the campus, developing an analog music making machine that uses hand drawn patterns to compose drum loops (XOXO) and establishing BANKROET, a platform for young artists, represented by documentaries and screen-printed secondhand shirts.
His interest in image and sound started early and since then he remains inclined to keep his work young and fresh. By the way: he has a strong opinion on the vagueness in the artistic world, so calling him an artist might be seen an insult.

The freedom to take risks.
Simon was asked to mould an audio-visual identity identity for YONN. He will be experimenting with sound, musical styles and visuals to create an alternative world, surrounding this part of the conference.