Tuning People(BE)

Tuning People is the quirky collective of artists Wannes Deneer (designer/sound developer), Jef Van gestel (theatre maker/actor) and Karolien Verlinden (dancer/choreographer). Tuning People develops visual sound theatre for a broad audience. Research and accessible experiments are in focus in combination with rich fantasy and controversy. For each performance, the makers of Tuning People are searching a challenging concept in which various art disciplines and the public can be united. A show of Tuning People is like a loving and bizarre gift that sets your world upside down.

At Integrated2017, Tuning People will present 'Stadsklank'. In split videos, 'Stadsklank' shows a report of a trip through the city of Antwerp. On five video screens, city musicians are playing as in an ongoing conversation. 'Stadsklank' is an auditory blueprint, a kaleidoscope of what plays musically in the rear chambers of the city.