William Ludwig Lutgens(BE)

Visual artist William Ludwig Lutgens (Belgium, 1991) lives and works in Ghent, where he is currently attending the post-academic programme at the HISK (Higher Institute of Fine Arts). In 2015, Lutgens graduated in a Master of Research in Art and Design (Manama), after doing a Master in Illustration and Graphic Design at St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp. In 2017 Lutgens won the Front Line - Lyra prize at Drawing Room Madrid and The Eeckman Art Prize at Art On Paper in Bozar.

In his work Ludwig combines autobiographical elements with social issues to denounce abuses and hypocrisy in a language that is both political and comical. Like a comedian he implements references to different subjects trough the use of personal anecdotes in a form similar to that of improvisational jazz, looking for templates and narratives to highlight, not forcing his perspective, but leaving the spectator somewhere in a limbo, between two moments: the playful serious, amusement and discomfort. Since 2016 William has been self publishing ‘Het Geïllustreerd Blad’ / The Illustrated Paper, a political incorrect newspaper.

Lecture abstract

The artist gives birth to an absurd theatre that is prey to the most insidious frustrations, manipulations and symbolic dominations. Both theatre and play, occupies an important place in the work of the artist, who readily identifies himself with the performer of stand-up. This influence is reflected more clearly in the works he sketches in the line of the press design and the illustration but also in that of installation and it's possible consequence, the happening.