An Onghena(BE)

An Onghena (°1992) is a resident at the Jan Van Eyck Academie, a multiform institute for art, design and reflection. She graduated in 2014 as MA graphic design at St Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp. In 2016 she continued her research based practise at the postgraduate course Master of Research in Art & Design and she was awarded as laureate of Toegepast20 in z33.
An Onghena works with information and data that she collects from books and online sources. In a twist of fiction and humor, she loves to explore the boundaries between science and art, fascinated by the systems behind and in an attempt to understand the world and the unknown. In another part of her practice she questions the role of the (artist)book and the use of printing techniques in this digital age.

Lecture abstract

Let’s go on a trip.
Where do you begin, to describe something that is unknown? How can you write about something you've never seen or felt before? There are things that we accept but we cannot understand. Our eyes can’t handle it and our mind can’t keep up. How would I love to see the truth!